Black Fleece Padded Whippet Harness Y Shape

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Our Y-Shape fit Black Fleece Padded Harness, specially shaped to fit your Sighthounds body.

A Strong, Robust Harness suitable for Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Greyhounds, Lurchers, Salukis.

X-Small –
Chest strap: 38cm – 45cm
Small –
Chest strap: 49cm – 58cm
Medium –
Chest strap: 52cm – 65cm
Large – 
Chest strap: 62cm – 75cm
XLarge –
Chest strap: 65cm – 84cm


Made using Flannel and Nylon webbing, this beautiful harness in Classic Black is soft on your Sighthounds neck, chest and underarms.
These Y-Shaped harnesses are specially shaped to fit around your Sighthounds body.

Unlike some other Harnesses, this is padded and fleece-lined in the places that could potentially irritate a Sighthounds skin due to not have enough fur.
Due to their long thin necks and petite head size, Sighthounds can easily back out of most other Harnesses, however, these are designed so you have full control over your dog when it pulls and wriggles without the worry of them escaping! 
These are also a comfortable fit for the Sighthounds deep chest.



X-Small –
Chest strap: 38cm – 45cm
(Puppy, Italian Greyhound).

Small –
Chest strap: 49cm – 58cm
(Puppy, Small Whippet).

Medium –
Chest strap: 52cm – 65cm
(Whippet, Small Lurcher).

Large – 
Chest strap: 62cm – 75cm
(Lurcher, Small-Med Greyhound).

XLarge –
Chest Strap: 64cm – 84cm
(Large Lurcher, Greyhound).

Suitable for Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers, Greyhounds, Salukis, Borzois, Afghan Hounds and all other Sighthounds.

Other Colours Available:
Blue, Neon Yellow.

*Fast delivery, Fully tracked*

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XSmall 38-45cm, Small 49-58cm, Medium 52-65cm, Large 62-75cm, XLarge 65-84cm

51 reviews for Black Fleece Padded Whippet Harness Y Shape

  1. Jane (verified owner)

    Bought this for a 4 month old whippet puppy. As ever Trendy Whippet very helpful with sizing as he was in between Xs and S. went for the S and wearing over his coat (also from Trendy Whippet.). Love the harness very soft by t secure and easy to fasten with the clips. Love the Y shape at the front really suits the barrel chest

  2. Falon M. (verified owner)

    Lovely fit for my whippet boy! Nice and soft and looks comfortable.

  3. Georgeta Vulcan (verified owner)


  4. Matthew H. (verified owner)

    Great fit. It’s great to have a shop that specifically caters for a breed of dog of which very little ‘standard’ dog products fit.

  5. Caroline (verified owner)

    Well made comfortable harness

  6. JV Ingham-Chetcuti (verified owner)

    Is being returned due to sizing so can’t really review – looks great tho 😀

  7. Mrs Deborah Buckley (verified owner)

    Just love these padded harnesses!

  8. Sarah Harrison (verified owner)

    This is the best harness I have found for my Bedlington Whippet cross. Great product.

  9. Ali Austin (verified owner)

    Can’t really rate it properly yet as I waiting for my puppy to grow into it! Looks and feels lovely though 👍🏻

  10. Vicky Cotterill (verified owner)

    Fits him very well and lovely soft fleece 👍

  11. Christopher Stevens (verified owner)

    Excellent service and brilliant product. Very good value for money. Definitely order from these again.

  12. Paul L. (verified owner)

    Well made, comfy and well fitting for Marco our little whippet pup

  13. natalie (verified owner)

    Great item, happy to get one specifically for a whippet.

  14. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly and very well made

  15. Kathryn Bennett (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect harness for my whippet. The fit is perfect after struggling to find harnesses to fit the shape of his deep chest. It fits both over and under his coat and fingers crossed it stops him from escaping!!!

  17. Sarah (verified owner)

    Great quality and the medium fits my whippet perfectly. Lovely fleece padding so perfect for a running harness.

  18. Justene (verified owner)

    Beautiful harness, fits my whippet perfectly!

  19. Tristan (verified owner)

    Got this for our Podenco x galgo fits well and is easy to put on and take off, a good well made harness.

  20. Harriet S. (verified owner)

    Fits well. Yet to try in car. Fasteners on both sides. Hope it’s comfy for Mouse whippet to lie on.

  21. Simon Dawson (verified owner)

    Such a good fitting harness. Had a generic one before from a well known pet store but started rubbing her legs and was too big round the neck meaning she escaped twice. These Trendy Whippet harneses are perfectly designed for their shape, well made and doesn’t rub. Very easy to put on and a great price too.

  22. Iñigo (verified owner)

    The size was too big but I ordered a smaller one because of its high quality.

  23. Nick C. (verified owner)

    Really sturdy and soft for our puppy. She likes to chew and it looks like it will hold up to her sharp teeth!

  24. Jac P. (verified owner)

    A little small length wise

  25. Emma Russell (verified owner)

    This harness looks stylish, it is comfortable and practical!. My whippet did get out of it but she is a contortionist!

  26. Jane (verified owner)

    My lurcher is short coated with very little hair so was looking for a harness with lots of padding to prevent rubbing. This harness is just what I was looking for.

  27. Andy S. (verified owner)

    So good this is the second we have bought.

  28. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Good fit, good quality and arrived quick.

  29. Claudia (verified owner)

    very high quality

  30. Hannah Roberts (verified owner)

    Fits Seb perfectly! Well made and lovely soft material. I will definitely buy the next size up as he gets bigger.

  31. Carly (verified owner)

    Great fit, and nice, soft padded lining

  32. Ana (verified owner)

    It’s always a pleasure to order from The Trendy Whippet! This harness is comfortable, padded and fits nicely.

  33. Michelle (verified owner)

    Nice soft harness and fast delivery.

  34. Cesar Vieira Soares (verified owner)

    Good finishings, sturdy and cushioned. Really easy to fit.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Comfortable harness, perfect for skinny necked sighthounds. Fits our small lurcher nicely.

  36. Ingeborg (verified owner)

  37. Christopher M. (verified owner)

    We loved the harness but we ordered the wrong size

  38. Kate Petts (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and a “hopefully” escape proof harness ready to be tested

  39. Paul Downman (verified owner)

    super – Teddy likes it, fits well

  40. jane (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, however not a good fit & despite careful measuring up, didnt reach the deepest part of his chest/too short on the length, resulting in him backing out of it quite easily, yet the XL would have been too big. Would be great if the option of a 2nd strap was available for further along the body & an additional adjustment strap to perhaps lengthen the strap underneath.

  41. Kayleigh webster (verified owner)

    Fits her really well. I contacted you regarding the sizing on Etsy and was extremely helpful and really friendly. Will definitely be buying another as she grows up.

  42. Aljosa (verified owner)

    Very good product, high quality

  43. Kathryn Firth (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Lovely and thick and padded for our puppy’s first harness. Minor glitch with it resolve instantly as well – customer service is excellent. Puppy also walks beautifully with this on.

  44. tim (verified owner)

    works fine and Mister B seems very comfortable with it

  45. Kathryn F. (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Thick and comfortable and escape proof!

  46. Debbie B. (verified owner)

    Looks comfortable. Bought the XS for puppy whippet. Not sure how long until I need to size up! Good price. Just tried it in the garden as pup just learning! Beautifully packaged and quick Delivery.

  47. H Rasam (verified owner)

    Most comfortable harnas for my dog’s skin and neck! Finally afther surging for so long, thank you!!:)

  48. Lauren (verified owner)

  49. sophie carter (verified owner)

    beautiful soft harness, very well made and perfect shape for a whippet

  50. Kay T. (verified owner)

    Fantastic harness and a great price

  51. Christina Barrett (verified owner)

    Great fit, well made and high quality. Prompt delivery.

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