The trendy whippet

A Little Bit About Us

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT US My name is Chloe and I started The Trendy Whippet in October 2016 after me and my partner got baby Ren at 8 weeks old. As we were heading into Autumn I noticed that she started to feel the cold.  Whilst looking around the internet

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WHAT TO FEED YOUR SIGHTHOUND Please note that while this diet has been great for our dogs, it may not be perfect for yours. So PLEASE do some research first! Also have a chat with your vet if you have any concerns. We used to feed Ren and Lola Kibble. And even

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Measuring Your Sighthound

Measuring your hound can be hard. Especially if they are a wriggly puppy, a sleeping Whippet or a Greyhound that doesn’t want to be wrapped in a tape measure! Don’t Worry! We are here to help with that! WHAT YOU WILL NEED Hound Soft Tape Measure Firstly, make sure your

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Travelling With A Whippet

GOING TRAVELLING WITH A WHIPPET. WHEN, WHY AND HOW… WE ARE TRAVELLING TO PORTUGAL! We have decided to pack up and go travelling around Portugal. We are hoping to find somewhere to buy and move there! WHEN.. We are leaving the U.K on the 28th July, after spending our last

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Why Sighthounds Need Clothing

WHY DOES MY SIGHTHOUND NEED CLOTHING? A lot of non-Sighthound owners think getting coats or jumpers for our hounds is silly. Like we’re just ‘dressing up’ our dogs. But Sighthounds actually need certain clothing. Sighthounds – Whippets, Greyhounds, some Lurchers, Italian Greyhounds, have very little fur. Their coat is also

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Whippet Friendly Walks in Somerset

All sighthound owners will be pleased to know I have tried to avoid roads and livestock areas as much as possible. BERROW BEACH – Your sighthound is permitted to explore Berrow Beach throughout the year. – Great beach to let your sighthound run wild. – It is a 6-mile stretch

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Why we think everyone should own a whippet!

WHIPPETS Now we know that we are a little bit biased here at The Trendy Whippet. But we absolutely love everything about whippets, greyhounds and all the related breeds. This is not only because we think they are beautiful, but also because we think that they make great pets too!

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Martingale Collars

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MARTINGALE COLLARS In this blog – ~ What are Martingale Collars~ How does a Martingale Collar work~ How to measure for a Martingale Collar~ How to fit a Martingale Collar WHAT ARE MARTINGALE COLLARS? A Martingale Collar is specially designed for dogs that have

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SOMERSET WHIPPET WALK! ALL SIGHTHOUNDS WELCOME Here at The Trendy Whippet, we think there is no better time than when our Whippets bump into other Sighthounds. It is so exciting to watch them run, play and interact with each other. And wheres the best place to watch Sighthounds run? THE

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