A Sighthound For Valentines Day..

Be My Valentine… If you have a Sighthound, You already have the best Valentines around! More than HALF of pet parents confirmed they spend their Valentines Day with their FurKids. 5 Reasons Your Sighthound Makes The Best Valentines Date Sighthound Kisses are cuter than Date Kisses! Sighthounds don’t talk… Enough said! Sighthounds will follow you EVERYWHERE around […]

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Whippet Friendly Walks in Somerset

All sighthound owners will be pleased to know I have tried to avoid roads and livestock areas as much as possible. BERROW BEACH – Your sighthound is permitted to explore Berrow Beach throughout the year. – Great beach to let your sighthound run wild. – It is a 6-mile stretch of sandy beach with sand […]

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The Trendy Whippet’s ‘Best Customer Photo of the Year’

*You also win our Surprise Goodie Bag*We started a contest on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages asking you to share the cutest photo of your sighthound wearing our product. Zoey is a Five-year-old Fawn and White Italian Greyhound living in Nashville, United States. You can follow her on Instagram – @iggyzoey

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Our Cold Whippets

Whippets have very short fur, they also have no undercoat like other dogs do, so it is no wonder these Sighthounds feel the cold! Many Whippets are bare on their chest, this is usually the part of the body that make them cold as it is very exposed. Due to having very little body fat […]

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Why we think everyone should own a whippet!

WHIPPETSNow we know that we are a little bit biased here at The Trendy Whippet. But we absolutely love everything about whippets, greyhounds and all the related breeds. This is not only because we think they are beautiful, but also because we think that they make great pets too!Whippets, in particular, are fantastic additions to […]

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