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Please note that while this diet has been great for our dogs, it may not be perfect for yours. So PLEASE do some research first! Also have a chat with your vet if you have any concerns.

We used to feed Ren and Lola Kibble. And even though we chose the highest quality, we noticed that they went to the toilet A LOT and when you read the ingredients, there is not that much goodness!

We found out that our Saluki Lola had cancer and researched diets to help this. We found the Keto diet. And it was a god send! The diet consists of high fat raw meat, raw green vegetables, healthy fats and oils, chia seeds, turmeric paste and more. And was scientifically proven to fight cancer.


Put simply, in a maintenance or nutritional Ketogenic diet, dogs eat a 1:1 ratio of healthy fats: high-quality protein.

Since dogs are carnivores and 99.9% genetically identical to wolves, eating a raw diet of meat, organs and bones is the most species-appropriate meal for dogs.

When in Ketosis, dogs produce energy from fat-derived ketone bodies instead of glucose from sugar and carbs as found in kibble. 

When in Ketosis (fat-burning) instead of Glycolysis (glucose-converting), dogs are able to thrive instead of merely survive off of biologically inappropriate carbs and sugars.

Dogs have NO biological need for carbs.

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  • Roughly 6 million new cancer diagnoses are made in dogs each year.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 domestic dogs will develop cancer. Using the Keto diet will help fight against your dog getting cancer. 
  • Metabolic diseases in dogs, such as diabetes, obesity, & cancer are on the rise. Diet plays a huge part in this.
  • When changing to a Keto diet, your dog will have a softer and shinier coat.
  • Noticeable relief from allergies or skin issues.
  • More biodegradable feces and less frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Reduce bloating and no excess gas.
  • More energy and increased physical endurance.  


In October 2019, Lola was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Bone Cancer. She was given only a few months to live. 
We did a lot of research on things we could do for her as we decided against chemo. After a lot of internet trailing, we found a website called KetoPet. They are a charity that save dogs with cancer that are strays, can’t be saved and can’t be rehomed. 

They immediately put these dogs on Ketogenic diets along with a few other treatments, and the cancer is either totally cured or dramatically reduced and monitored. Therefore extending the dogs life.

After reading this we put both Lola and Ren on the Keto diet. Lola more strict than Ren. We also gave them a lot of exercise. 
Sadly, in May 2020 we lost Lola, she was only 4 years old. But, we had managed to give her an extra 7 months of life where she was happy, fulfilled and in good health! As Osteosarcoma is such an aggressive type of cancer, most dogs sadly do not survive. 

We still keep Ren mostly on a Keto diet, but do give her occasionally extras that are not on the list! 

She usually has raw meat with organs and bones. We get this from Durham Animal Feeds.
She also gets raw broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, an egg, chia seeds, turmeric paste, Scottish salmon oil, butter. We sometimes add some mackerel. 


Please remember that while this diet has been great for our dogs, it may not be perfect for yours. So PLEASE do some research first! Also have a chat with your vet if you have any concerns.

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