Khaki Green Fluffy Fleece Whippet Jumper

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Size XSMALL – Length: 14” (35cm) Chest: 16-18″ (40-45cm).
Size SMALL – Length: 16-17″ (40-43cm) Chest 18-20” (45-50cm).
Size MEDIUM – Length: 21″ (53cm) Chest: 23-24″ (58-60cm)
Size LARGE – Length: 23″ (58cm) Chest: 25-26″ (63-66cm)
Size XLARGE – Length: 26″ (66cm) Chest: 28-29″ (71-74cm)
Size XXLARGE – Length: 29″ (74cm) Chest: 31-32″ (79-81cm)

Sighthound or Sheep…
Our Khaki Fluffy Jumper has a high neck for extra cosiness. Two front legs to make it easy for your dog to step into, the jumper covers the chest, which is the part that gets the coldest on a Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Lurcher, Galgo or Greyhound due to not having much fur there. The back is open for toileting.
Machine washable at 30c, do not tumble dry.

Product Features

Machine Washable

Soft Fabric

Warm Fleece

Worldwide Shipping


Chest 16-18" (40-45cm) 18-20” (45-50cm) 23-24" (58-60cm) 25-26" (63-66cm) 28-29" (71-74cm) 31-32" (79-81cm)
Length 14” (35cm) 16-17" (40-43cm) 21" (53cm) 23" (58cm) 26" (66cm) 29" (74cm)
Breed Italian Greyhound, Small Whippet Puppy Large Italian Greyhound, Small Whippet Whippet, Small Lurcher Large Whippet, S-M Lurcher, Small Saluki, Small Galgo Lurcher, Saluki, Small Greyhound Saluki, Large Galgo, Greyhound, Large Lurcher

74 reviews for Khaki Green Fluffy Fleece Whippet Jumper

  1. Anne (verified owner)

    Excellent deliver time and product. So soft Otto loves it and great colour.

  2. Georgia Richards (verified owner)

    Gorgeous new colour and fits an absolute dream. Olive is super happy and comfy in this fleece. Waiting for the colder days now so we can use it to it’s full advantage. So snuggly and warm. It’s a must for any hounds winter wardrobe!!! Speedy delivery and communication as always. Thanks guys!

  3. Moira Carson (verified owner)

    Love this so much!!

  4. Hattie B. (verified owner)

    My whippet absolutely loves this jumper, cannot recommend this enough!

  5. andrew walton (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and so warm

  6. Jude BaileyMurfin (verified owner)

    It’s a lovely fit and colour for my grizzle Saluki

  7. Anne Ross (verified owner)

    This is Ottos 2nd one it is a great fleece.

  8. Fiona Charter (verified owner)

  9. Josephine K. (verified owner)

    Very cosy and easy to get on and off!

  10. Sophie Kenna (verified owner)

  11. beverley spyer-holmes (verified owner)

    Lovely jumpers and delivered super quick!

  12. SHARON (verified owner)

    It’s soft feeling is really nice.
    Bought the next size up because the medium was sold out and as she is called Olive she simply insisted on having that colour! She was a little shocked when realising it went underneath her and couldn’t be rolled off like she throws herself down with other coats!

  13. Carol Richards (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful, soft and warm. Billy can’t wait for Santa Paws to deliver it to him!

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality

  15. Katherine David Cook (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd fleece from the trendy whippet. It is so soft and warm but sometimes it needs to be washed so I needed one for washing day!

  16. Elsa (verified owner)

    Perfection. Warm, practical and looks super!

  17. bettina (verified owner)

  18. Victoria (verified owner)

    This was my first Trendy Whippet purchase, and it was honestly SUCH a great experience all around. The fluffy fleece coat is gorgeously crafted, and, although I don’t have a whippet, (I bought the fleece for my Vizsla) I can still say that the fit is pretty good, even with my pup’s deeper chest measurements. My pup is snuggly warm. She loves to sleep in her fleece and I’m finally getting a good night’s rest, not being woken up every two hours or so because she’s thrown her blanket off and she’s cold. 🙂 I’d purchase from TW again in a heartbeat. Awesome quality, great color, and it arrived to my home here in the States in just a few days, which was an unexpected bonus. Bravo, TW!!! BRAVO!

  19. Celia Checker (verified owner)

    We love the fleece, it’s soft, roomy and warm. Great for relaxing and sleeping in 😊

  20. Penny (verified owner)

    My iggy is in between sizes so got fleece a little big. Lovely soft material and arrived within 3 days from ordering.

  21. CAROLANNE Downie (verified owner)

    SNug cosy and trendy

  22. Sarah S. (verified owner)

    Brilliant jumper. Great quality and fit.

  23. Gustav (verified owner)

  24. Yasmin (verified owner)

    Our Lurcher Dex loves his, so cosy and the quality is amazing! He is always cold and just loves a jumper on. When we put it on him his tail didn’t stop wagging!

  25. Jessica (verified owner)


  26. Kate (verified owner)

    My elderly lurcher doesn’t like having jumpers put on and off anymore but this is so soft and flexible that he doesn’t mind. I am so pleased that he will happily wear a jumper again. I had bought it for my whippet so now I need to order another one. Would like to see some brighter colours though!

  27. Polly (verified owner)

    Wonderful and warm, a little too roomy where the chest meets tummy but fits well otherwise.

  28. Gwen Sharp (verified owner)

    Keeps my dog so warm

  29. Josephine B. (verified owner)

    so cute and so warm the whippet loves it

  30. Lisa F. (verified owner)

    Our Emma’s new jumper is absolutely great fits like a glove so soft and I think great value she seems to sleep so much better it in than her old night jumper.

  31. Chuck H. (verified owner)

    Very nice quality and fit. Perfect for the cold days and nights.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

  33. Heather (verified owner)

    So SOFT!!!! Pup absolutely loves it, so warm and cuddly for the winter months!

  34. C F P. (verified owner)

    My lurcher is in seventh heaven !!the fleece is a great fit, do as he is part wolfhound!! The other dogs are truly jealous!!

  35. Michelle Mcquade (verified owner)

    This is so so soft nice and cosy my whippets love it will be ordering another one. Love the colour suits both my whippets one whippets is blue and white. The other is a fawn blue brindle. They love it so cosy.

  36. Debbie Waby (verified owner)

  37. Elaine G. (verified owner)

    Lovely and cosy. A little big around the waist for our skinny Minnie, but a knitted belt works a treat. Thank you.😊

  38. natalie (verified owner)

    Beautifully soft and well made (yet to be tried by Hector the Whippet as it’s his Christmas present!)

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This jumper is so thick and snuggly, it keeps my greyhound super warm. Love it.

  40. Sarah G. (verified owner)

  41. Antonia (verified owner)

    Lovely product and great communication by the shop.

  42. David Webb (verified owner)

    Easy to put on and take off, looks great, but does pick up a lot of debris.

  43. Christine (verified owner)

    Bought Xs all for 10 week old whippet, was a bit big but he will grow into it

  44. Isabelle E. (verified owner)

    Lovely fluffy coat

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My galgo is very slim and 73cm tall I had to downsize or as a street jumper he could wee inside it.
    It does not cover all of his bottom, but that isn’t important as his chest is where he loses heat from.
    The item is great. A smaller neck hole and a longer neck would be a little helpful for outdoor use. Wind blows through the large neck opening and large hemline.
    And a hole in the polo neck for the lead would be great.
    It is super easy to put on in a few seconds.
    There are very few practical easy wash jumpers for galgos available. I do not need to put his raincoat on all the time
    I will buy again. But, I may tweak the design with a button or I add a soft belt, for a warmer and slimmer wind proof fit around the tummy.
    Customer service excellent. Really very helpful and so patient.

  46. Hettie (verified owner)

    Slightly tighter around the shoulders and chest than our previous jumper (moved up a size with growing pup) but still a lovely product which my girl just loves.

  47. Katie (verified owner)

  48. Blake L. (verified owner)

    beautiful fabric, lovely and soft, Rocket loves it.

  49. Sophia (verified owner)

    So soft, fluffy and warm. A bit big and loose at the back but that’s because we got a size up for our whippet to grow into it (he’s only 6 months old and we got a Medium). Love the colour.

  50. Sarah Cox (verified owner)

    Poppy Whippet now has two of these fleeces, she will never be chilly again! ❤️

  51. Emma (verified owner)

    My whippet absolutely loves this and so do I, if only you made them for humans too!

  52. David L. (verified owner)

    Dogs love them, very warm

  53. David L. (verified owner)

    Great fit

  54. Sofie Lulu B. (verified owner)

    I am SO happy with my experience with The Trendy Whippet. By mistake, the wrong order was sent to me, but Chloe sorted it out super quickly and my order arrived very fast. The fit and feel of this jumper is perfect and my greyhound LOVES it. She’s so comfy and warm and won’t let me take it off her. The XXL fits my greyhound girl really well. Highly recommend!

  55. Poletti Caroline (verified owner)

    Size Large is a bit too large for the dog we wanted to dress with, but fortunately we have also a bigger one…

  56. Catherine (verified owner)

  57. Amanda B. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, nice material. Everything was as I expected!

  58. Aine M. (verified owner)

    Amazing, so snuggly. My lurcher Hector loves it so much he runs headfirst into it.

  59. Jenna Cavanagh (verified owner)

    Our team really like their new fleecy jumpers. The fabric is beautifully soft and warm 🙂 We’re super happy with the purchase. Thank you

  60. Vicky (verified owner)

    Lovely Quality present for Christmas, sure pooch will be delighted, very snuggly

  61. Helen (verified owner)

    mid rating of 3 because:
    I feel the image didn’t represent the the dog garment in 2 ways described below. I still love the garment for the following reasons and so have kept the purchase without returning. Overall Quality is as I expected. Washes and dries with no fuss. I value the clarity given in the returns policy included inside the delivery.

    (1) fit – using the measurement scale on the website I
    ordered medium with measurement 21″ from neck to base of tail. The fit is not as shown in the picture, it is not wide legged with a nearly gathered cuff creating a puff ball, or rolled-up sleeve look.
    Doggo is happy in garment right now. To begin with he wasn’t comfortable with no stretch around the cuffs on front legs.
    At age 6 months now he will not be growing into it, more accurately growing out of it soon.

    (2) Colour is for sure more brown than khaki which is not clearly represented as the garment appears more khaki than brown in the picture.

  62. Mrs Cubin (verified owner)

    Lovely jumper! Fits perfectly. Will definitely be buying more.

  63. Kaya (verified owner)

    Fits lovely and feels amazing. My boy is always getting compliments when he wears it around the town. Thank you!

  64. Julia (verified owner)

    Very good quality and well made fleece jumper for our lurcher. Bought the wrong size ( hadn’t realised that the measurements were for the fleece not the dog) and had to return it and buy a new one. Quite tricky getting it on the dog the first few times which he didn’t like but we are improving!

  65. Gillian (verified owner)

    The fluffy fleece whippet jumper fits perfectly and it is hard to prize it off my dog who loves it because it keeps her warm and toasty! A good buy.

  66. Rita V. (verified owner)

    Very good quality. Keeps my whippet warm. Second product that I buy from The Trendy Whippet and always happy.

  67. Sandra (verified owner)

  68. Cesar (verified owner)

    Perfect, our pup loves it, it’s really easy to dress/undress and is super soft and warm, stopped the shivers, definitely recommend 🙂

  69. Jean (verified owner)

    Brilliant fleece so cosy and comfortable and our whippet loves it! Now have two, different colours, that’s how cosy it is and washes well

  70. Keith Morgan (verified owner)

    It is brilliant, Gabe is lovely and warm on these cold days and we are pleased with our purchase. Excellent quality and fits him perfectly. Bought from Trendy Whippet before and will do so again.

  71. Daphne G. (verified owner)

    The jumpers are great and they fit perfectly. They are so soft and super cosy! Both of my whippets are just loving them for their walks 🙂

  72. Ciara C. (verified owner)

    Lovely soft product, we’re going to go a size up. It’s a great alternative to a jacket.

  73. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great colour and a perfect fit for my bedlington , great in and out of the house

  74. Alicia Iveson (verified owner)

    This is my second fleece purchase. I absolutely love it and my whippet receives compliments every time he wears it. Sadly it’s quite a jump up in sizing from the S (which is now too small/ short in the back) so it doesn’t fit just yet – but I’m excited for when it does! Could there be an opportunity for a SMedium size?!

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