Black Fluffy Whippet Greyhound Jumper

(184 customer reviews)


  • Our Black Fluffy Jumper has a high neck for extra cosiness.
  • Two front legs to make it easy for your dog to step into.
  • The jumper covers the chest, which is the part that gets the coldest on a Whippet, Italian Greyhound, Lurcher, Galgo or Greyhound due to not having much fur there.
  • The back is open for toileting.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Machine washable at 30c, do not tumble dry.


Size: XSMALL – Length: 14” (35cm) Chest: 16-18″ (40-45cm), SMALL – Length: 16-17″ (40-43cm) Chest 18-20” (45-50cm), MEDIUM – Length: 21″ (53cm) Chest: 23-24″ (58-60cm), LARGE – Length: 23″ (58cm) Chest: 25-26″ (63-66cm), XLARGE – Length: 26″ (66cm) Chest: 28-29″ (71-74cm), XXLARGE – Length: 29″ (74cm) Chest: 31-32″ (79-81cm)

Product Features

Machine Washable

Soft Fabric

Warm Fleece

Worldwide Shipping


Chest 16-18" (40-45cm) 18-20” (45-50cm) 23-24" (58-60cm) 25-26" (63-66cm) 28-29" (71-74cm) 31-32" (79-81cm)
Length 14” (35cm) 16-17" (40-43cm) 21" (53cm) 23" (58cm) 26" (66cm) 29" (74cm)
Breed Italian Greyhound, Whippet Puppy Large Italian Greyhound, Small Whippet Whippet, Small Lurcher Large Whippet, Small Lurcher Lurcher, S-M Saluki, Galgo, Small Greyhound Large Lurcher, Saluki, Large Galgo, Greyhound

184 reviews for Black Fluffy Whippet Greyhound Jumper

  1. Melanie H. (verified owner)

    Good fit and a very happy whippet

  2. Lora (verified owner)

  3. maddy H. (verified owner)

    Loved it and so did my whippet, until it went in the wash and now it’s not very soft and just hasn’t washed well. Doesn’t seem worth the money sadly 🙁

  4. Juliet (verified owner)

    Was really soft to start with but one warm wash and it lost its softness , also picks up every little bit of anything it touches, grass, hay, cotton etc
    Keeps my little one warm but his leg often comes out giving him an off shoulder style garment… I like it but have to keep an eye on my dog whilst he’s wearing it!

  5. louise (verified owner)

    Lovely soft fleece jumpers, fast delivery x

  6. Seonaid R. (verified owner)

    Arlo loves his cosy fleece so much he wears in the house especially at night time,keeps him super warm and the fit is excellent he’s a bedlington whippet and we got size large which is perfect.

  7. Catherine Jones (verified owner)

    The size guide is inaccurate. I ordered the correct size according to the guide and it was approx 5-10cm short. The neck was tight (neck diameter not provided). I was then charged a 10% cleaning fee for my dog trying this on, even though I removed all the hairs myself.
    The quality of the material was not as expected. It looks thick and fluffy on the photo. Actually it is rather thin and flat. I will never order from here again. I’ve ordered better sighthound garments elsewhere from etsy.

    • The Trendy Whippet (store manager)

      I am sorry you feel this way. I checked your returned items and they measured correctly compared to our sizing guide and we think our guide is accurate and helpful. Unfortunately, we have to charge a cleaning fee as we are a small business and if an item is returned with hair, my colleague has to clean it. I hope you can understand.


  8. Amy C. (verified owner)

    Lovely jumper, easy to put on and take off. I bought a medium, it fits my 13kg 6 month old whippet perfectly. He seems very comfortable in it. Will be ordering a larger size once he’s outgrown this one.

  9. Jade Garrett (verified owner)

  10. Heather (verified owner)

    Lovely quality, very soft, will keep our puppy extremely snug on cold winter nights.

  11. Aurora S. (verified owner)

    My whippet/iffy puppy looks very cute on this and it’s easy to put on. He likes it. However, the quality is quite poor in my opinion. We have had this jumper for two weeks and the fabric is piling severely despite the fact we wash this jumper at 30 degrees tops. It’s starting to get holes and looks as if my puppy had worn it for several months already. Quite disappointing

    • The Trendy Whippet (store manager)

      Hello Aurora, I am sorry to hear this. Please send us an email with the photos of this.
      Thanks, Chloe

  12. JUDE JERWOOD (verified owner)

  13. Jo P. (verified owner)

    Beautiful soft fleecy jumper that fits our whippety-lurcher a treat and keeps him so cosy and warm!

  14. Jonathan Lee (verified owner)

    My dog loves this sweater. It’s really comfortable but very light.

  15. Jack (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, great value, and our Maisie loves it already!

  16. Carla` (verified owner)

    Lovely fleecy whippy jumper for my lad. He’s always cold, but this is just perfect for him…..keeps him very toasty!

  17. Charlotte Wright (verified owner)

    Very easy to put on lovely and warm for cold evenings

  18. Jeannette (verified owner)

    So cosy-my 16 year old whippet deserves this luxury!

  19. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Lovely fleece, the large was really roomy for our whippet.

  20. Hannah (verified owner)

    Chic, soft and easy to get on! Be careful with sizing if you have a larger dog – my smallish galgo takes XXL

  21. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Lovely fit, my whippet loves it and never lets me take it off !!

  22. zuzanna (verified owner)

    Super soft and stretchy, perfect

  23. Jacinta Grey

    Whitney the Whippet loves her new jumper and looks absolutely gorgeous in it. So soft and comfortable, easy to put on and take off (not that she wants it off) and most importantly, it’s warm! Thank you for your help getting the size right, the large is perfect. When I’d asked to order an extra large for a female whippet you advised me it would be too big. As we live in New Zealand, that would have been an issue. So a big thank you.

  24. Yvonne (verified owner)

    What a lovely warm fleecy jumper. I am jealous of my whippet now!

  25. FREDERIQUE (verified owner)

    Really nice and my dogs seems very comfortable in their jumper

  26. Caroline (verified owner)

    Very good service, the jumper looks great on my blue whippet and he loves it

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice and soft, though plant debris do get stuck on when our pup ruffles through them in the park.

  28. Julia Ball (verified owner)

    Slightly difficult to get on and off, but warm and safe once on

  29. Stephen (verified owner)


  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Slightly disappointed as this jumper is quite pricey but unlike the coat it is a bit on the small size for my 4 month old whippet even though I measured him carefully.

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful coat, my whippet absolutely loves it.

  32. Sasha Sneddon (verified owner)

    This is the 3rd Jumper I have bought, Willow wears them all the time. If I show him the jumper, he runs over and puts his head straight in it !

  33. Emma P. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and lovely quality Mike whippet loves it! Arrived super quickly even though it was just before Christmas

  34. Claire Stephens (verified owner)

    Lovely at first but lost it’s pile after 2 washes

  35. Amanda White (verified owner)


  36. Indigo Buchanan

    Love this so much I’m buying it again in a larger size as my whippet puppy is quickly outgrowing the small. It’s so soft and really easy to put on and take off again. Perfect for cold winter walks.

  37. Nicola Trower (verified owner)

  38. Nikoleta S. (verified owner)


  39. Wendy R. (verified owner)

    Wonderful cosy jumper, very stretchy and easy to get on despite the long neck and legs of our lurcher.

  40. Emma-Louise (verified owner)

    Super soft & snug. Happy whippet…jealous owner 😏

  41. jonathan (verified owner)

    just marvellous! and the texture is divine 🙂

  42. Kitty Evans (verified owner)

    Also beautifully made and a real treat to receive . Looks fabulous on my furry friend and keeps him cuddly warm . Definitely recommend 😊

  43. Agnes Andersen (verified owner)

  44. Kelly (verified owner)

    My whippet is 13 years old and had recently lost quite a bit of weight. As a result, he was feeling the cold a lot more and his usual coat was no proving effective. This item has made such a difference to his well-being, he seems much calmer and snug in it. It washes great and has retained its fluffiness. The only comment I would have is that although it is the correct size for his measurements, the area covering his belly is slightly too long and sometimes when he is going to the toilet it gets damp.

  45. Amanda B. (verified owner)

    Super cosy and comfy enough to fall asleep in.

  46. Jo Hogarth (verified owner)

    Fantastic staff & the product is amazing, may seem pricey at first glance but (this is our second jumper) they are so worth it. Beautifully made & great quality, our saluki loves hers – and she looks super cute as well!!

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

  48. Natasha K. (verified owner)

    Very cosy jumper, warm and soft. Fits Oreo well.

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Happy, cosy lurcher. Really impressed with how quickly the jumper arrived.

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing little jumper our girl Stella loves it! Only downside is the jumper seemed to be a bit dirty, seemed like it had grass on it?? That’s the only downside.

  51. Martina (verified owner)

    The fluffiest and softest of all jumpers that our Iggy ever owned. Beautiful! ❤️

  52. Kasmira J. (verified owner)

    Very soft and super cute! Unfortunately it’s too big for Chilli our 11-week old whippet so he hasn’t been able to show it off but the quality looks great and would recommend!

  53. Rebecca Houlihan (verified owner)

    I haven’t received it yet

    • The Trendy Whippet (store manager)

      Hello Rebecca, I have emailed you with the tracking updates 🙂

  54. Amanda (verified owner)

    Perfect fluffy jumper. Have it in black and grey now and Walter gets so many compliments. It’s cosy but light and comfortable. Hand washes well.

  55. Teresa (verified owner)

    A great fit and great look for Wilfred.

  56. Megan (verified owner)

    Bought this in the hope it would stop our whippet trying to get in bed with us….no such luck but we love the jumper anyway. Perfect for those in-between days.

  57. William Heenan (verified owner)

    Cut and fit are great but material feels quite low quality to the touch considering the price.

  58. Sandra Bergman Bellqvist (verified owner)

    LOVE it

  59. Victoria (verified owner)

  60. Biddy (verified owner)

    Jeremy is so happy in his cozy jumper. It’s a perfect fit and so easy to get on and off. I am going to get another!

  61. Keren Goodfellow (verified owner)

    My boy absolutely loves his fleece, doesn’t ever want it off! Will 100% be purchasing another (for when this one needs a wash)

  62. stephannie (verified owner)

    great quality, nice fit!

  63. Ana Herrero Rosaleny (verified owner)

    Precioso ?

  64. Ciaran J Kearney (verified owner)

    Lovely and warm jumper that our lurcher Fred absolutely loves

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    One happy toasty whippet!

  66. Carey (verified owner)

    Very good quality, fits well and looks great

  67. Anonymous (verified owner)

  68. Simone (verified owner)

    This is beyond cosy & keeping our boy from under our duvet every night as he’s super snuggly in his jumper come pjs!! Love love love❤

  69. Georgie (verified owner)

  70. Nicola (verified owner)

    Very soft and cuddly, loose fabric makes it easy to put on which is useful when your pup is not a fan of having clothes put on them!

  71. Juliet (verified owner)

    great, but using outdoors was a mistake as everything (sawdust, grass etc) clings to the lovely fluffy material. worth it as he looks so fab in it, and its warm.

  72. Kathy Francis (verified owner)

    Wonderful, soft, light and fluffy. My whippet wears it to sleep in overnight, he loves, love it.

  73. Heather W. (verified owner)

    Lovely warm fluffy jumper for a small whippet. I bought two they are so good. Very quick delivery too.

  74. Christy Chiltern-Hunt (verified owner)

  75. Mrs S. (verified owner)

    Lovely soft fleece jumper, my Italian greyhound looks perfectly snug and stylish in it !

  76. Margaret M. (verified owner)

    Beautifully soft and cosy jumper. Easy to get on and off Misty the Whippet. Would recommend!

  77. Julie Luck (verified owner)

  78. Simon G. (verified owner)

    Such a great product. Our 6 month beddy whippet looks great (and adorable) in this – but also stays warm and actually seems to like wearing this!

  79. Anonymous (verified owner)

  80. Georgie Lambert (verified owner)

    Just beautiful! been looking at this for ages! Should have got sooner!

  81. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We love this so much but the style and fit is smaller than the knit. I knew it would be but I just wanted to give it a try. I did sell it to a friend though who has a greyhound and it was just perfect for him! I would love a polar fleece option in the same cut as the chunky knitted dusty rose (without the legs) I think a XXL in that style would be a hit for the bigger dogs. I hope to use my 10% on one of those in the future!

  82. Victoria Fryer-Wright (verified owner)

    Gorgeous, my whippet is always cold & getting him outside was tricky…now he’s toasty & with the added bonus of looking like a stylish plush toy my kids think he’s even more cute. Good fit & so soft. Arrived well packaged & on time …Will be back to buy another when he grows out of this one.

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Personally I love this and it’s so cosy! But our wiggly pup really struggled when getting dressed with long sleeves and his dew claws. Just personal preference for sleeveless, but he looked soo cute though!

  84. Christina Rowan-Edwards (verified owner)

    Lovely jumper, my whippet loves it!

  85. Catherine (verified owner)

    Very soft material

  86. Caroline Russell (verified owner)

    Arrived beautifully wrapped and is just perfect for our rescue greyhound

  87. Jayne C. (verified owner)

    Fast efficient service. Super happy with fleece jumper. Excellent quality… Really pleased.

  88. Denise Hillman (verified owner)

    love it she is so warm and it doesn’t rub her like her others do as no binding

  89. Bethany (verified owner)

  90. Lucy H. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this snuggly jumper.

  91. Celia Checker (verified owner)

    Lovely, soft and comfortable fleece for relaxing in around the house ?

  92. Cj McDonald-bell (verified owner)

    Fabulous quality, have a very cosy lurcher now. Fabulous customer service & highly recommended

  93. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super quality and super fit!

  94. Carol (verified owner)

    My Lurcher loves his jumper. I had previously purchased the same jumper in Grey and realised fairly quickly that I needed a second one in order to get him to allow me to remove the jumper so I could wash it. He will, on being presented with the jumper, shove his head into it and present each paw in turn to go through the sleeves – the reverse action isn’t quite a simple My daughter laughed when I attempted to take off the Grey jumper without showing him that I had the Black jumper to get into, he went flat on his stomach and weighed three metric tons when we tried to get it off him. The jumper is light, warm and does not get in the way of toileting and the size is perfect.

  95. Paul (verified owner)

    Peppa loves her jumper and it is just right for when she comes in from a cold, wet walk. The quality is excellent and the fleece material is very soft yet robust.

  96. Dan J. (verified owner)

  97. Paul Hargreaves (verified owner)

    My dog loves wearing this jumper. It’s one of the few things he wears and doesn’t want to chew because its so comfortable!

  98. Marie-Helene (verified owner)

  99. Robert (verified owner)

    Fantastic coat/jumper. Our 5 month Whippet loves it and it keeps him warm! Great quality, dries easily, hardly need to wash. Thank you!

  100. Rob Lawton (verified owner)

    Nice & Warm – had to exchange for a larger size. No harness hole on back though.

  101. Kerry Hill (verified owner)

    This beautiful soft fleece jumper is absolutely adorable and keeps my puppy snug & warm…thanks to The Trendy Whippet Company

  102. Anonymous (verified owner)

  103. Caroline R. (verified owner)

    I am delighted with this purchase. It is keeping my little (ageing) saluki beautifully warm during cold nights. She seems to really like wearing it too.

  104. Claire (verified owner)

    We now have two toasty warm greyhounds – thank you

  105. Daphne G. (verified owner)

    The jumpers are great and they fit perfectly. They are so soft and super cosy! Both of my whippets are just loving them for their walks 🙂

  106. Steph P. (verified owner)

    Lovely jumper very good quality.

  107. Kim Evans (verified owner)

    Lovely fleece, delivered promtly!

  108. Judy M. (verified owner)

    Amazing!!! So warm and fluffy. My Whippet looks so snuggly when he wears it. Going to order more colors for sure.

  109. Ruby Y. (verified owner)

    my doggy love it so much!its soft and comfortable!

  110. Rosemary Q. (verified owner)

    Very happy, my saluki greyhound, captain Hastings, loves his new fleece

  111. kathryn bennett (verified owner)

    I will write a review when I receive the product

  112. Karen G. (verified owner)

    Fab quality-dispatched quickly

  113. Katie Sheridan (verified owner)

    Love it

  114. Derek (verified owner)

    Lovely and snug and just in time for cold weather and Christmas.

  115. Alex A. (verified owner)

    My Greyhound loves his jumper… really well made and fits perfectly!

  116. Margaret H. (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Only problem is getting it back of my dog. I tend to purchase another one.

  117. Simin (verified owner)

    Elio adores this jumper, and looks to-die-for cute, to boot! Seriously thinking about getting him the white one too!

  118. Nick (verified owner)

    Just a lovely jumper! This is the third one we have bought so our little whippet has a few on rotation. Great quality and so soft and snuggly!

  119. Grant Skeldon (verified owner)

  120. Kim M. (verified owner)

    In love with this shop! Fits perfectly! Cozy and soft.

  121. Joanne (verified owner)

    Lovely, cosy jumper. Very good quality

  122. David L. (verified owner)

  123. Elaine P. (verified owner)

  124. John (verified owner)

    Great to deal with, we just found the jumper a bit different to the picture. I sent it back and got a refund ASAP so no problem.

  125. Lorraine (verified owner)

    The jumper is lovely but silly me got the wrong size and by the time I got it off Finn I couldnt send it back so I cut the legs out of it and still keeps him nice and cosy !!

  126. Claire James (verified owner)

    Beautifully cozy. Thank you!

  127. Rebecca Barr (verified owner)

    It’s perfect! Coco loves it. It’s now in the wash but I’m assuming will come out well 😉

  128. Nicola Allen (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the fleece my girl Bea looks gorgeous in it ❤️

  129. Joseph Wright (verified owner)

    Winona loves it

  130. sarah h. (verified owner)

    I ordered a slightly bigger size for our puppy to grow into for the winter, but he seems keen to wear it already! Great quality, will be ordering the grey one.

  131. Gianpaolo P. (verified owner)

    Super stylish and feels extra comfy. Our Rocco really loves it.

  132. Laura Hall (verified owner)

    Super soft, snuggly and warm for our greyhound – who looks incredibly stylish to boot in her new jumper! Great as both pijamas and an extra layer for chillier walks.

  133. Kameleon Support (store manager)


  134. Stephen (verified owner)

  135. Poosie Amory (verified owner)

    Not arrived!

    • The Trendy Whippet (store manager)

      Sorry you have not received your order yet. I have emailed the tracking to you and looks like its on its way. International deliveries are still delayed due to Covid-19, but i hope you will get it soon.


  136. Rebecca (verified owner)

    So soft and well made

  137. Lucy J. (verified owner)

    Fits nicely and is very cosy! Cute item!

  138. Susan (verified owner)

    So soft and cuddly!

  139. Kelly (verified owner)

    Very snuggly, my boy will love it in the winter weather!

  140. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely jumper – slightly large on a 4 month old Italian Greyhound but we bought it for her to grow into

  141. Christine (verified owner)

  142. Olivia F. (verified owner)

    Comfortable and stylish!! Great quality!

  143. Cesar Vieira Soares (verified owner)

    Our puppy loves it, keeps her warm, well finished and cosy. It’s still a bit big on her but she’s only 8 weeks so soon will be too small!

  144. Lyndsay Fleming (verified owner)

  145. Lorna C. (verified owner)

    Got this for my 4 month whippet puppy. Fit is good, a little over sized but it’s great because it keeps him cosy! Really easy to put on and came just in time for the really frosty weather! I find it doesn’t get dirty much, it’s stayed nice and fluffy

  146. Helen B. (verified owner)

    Fabulous jumper, fluffy, soft and warm. Great fit and good quality, my pup loves it. Definitely a good buy.

  147. claire vanderhoven (verified owner)

    Claire Vanderhoven

  148. Pauline R. (verified owner)

  149. Anne Ross (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and people to deal with. I have a grey fleece for my whippet but got this black one for my new Boxer Daisy. ?

  150. Clemency Lawrence

    Just a lovely little jumper for my greyhound. Fast delivery and an excellent fit. Thank you

  151. Klaudia S. (verified owner)

  152. Henry Rawlins (verified owner)

    Beautifully soft and nice fit

  153. Mrs Deborah Buckley (verified owner)

    Love! Love! Love! I may need to buy another very soon (for when this one is being washed) Mo adores his fleece!

  154. Rachelle (verified owner)

  155. Yasmin (verified owner)

    Our puppy loves hers, so cosy and the quality is amazing! Allows to sleep in her own bed at night and steal ours. Thank you x

  156. Faye (verified owner)

    Easy to understand measurements, posted very quickly and packaged beautifully. Fit as expected, very easy to get on and off. Material is soft and warm.

  157. Sarah S. (verified owner)

    Brilliant jumper. Great quality and fit.

  158. Kate (verified owner)

  159. Miren edurne Ibanez (verified owner)

  160. Jessica (verified owner)

    So soft and keeps my greyhound warm and comfy around the house.

  161. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Lovely fleece, great quality

  162. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Excellent fleece for my trendy whippet

  163. Tracy Wyman (verified owner)

    Beautiful coat, my lurcher looks like a wolf in sheeps clothing!!!

  164. Anonymous (verified owner)

  165. Rhian G. (verified owner)

    Bonnie’s new fleece is wonderful and it’s perfect for keeping her cosy and warm – we love it!

  166. Jo (verified owner)

  167. Maaike (verified owner)

    I love the trendy whippet, she is so friendly and personal.
    This jumper is perfect. My ghost always crawls in my sweater now he has his one so that settled haha.
    He looks so cute

  168. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lovely n’ soft material, well made but, I should’ve taken small size as the medium is too long underneath n’ gets wet when my little Whippy does a pee , didn’t bother changing it though as he enjoys wearing it indoors n’ll know better for next time-otherwise it’s supercosy, easily washed n’ dried too.

  169. Charlotte (verified owner)

  170. Jude BaileyMurfin (verified owner)

    My Saluki looks soooo cute in this! This is the 2nd time I have ordered from The Trendy Whippet and have received excellent service and garments both times ??

  171. Carol Richards (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful, soft and warm. Indy can’t wait for Santa Paws to deliver it to him!

  172. Laura paveley (verified owner)

    Plush! My dog couldn’t have been more pleased. So much so, I’m ordering the other colours.

  173. Nicola (verified owner)

  174. Katherine J. (verified owner)

    Great quality, perfect fit, super speedy delivery and one happy whippet.

  175. Anonymous (verified owner)

  176. Maxine (verified owner)

    She just loves it 🙂

  177. Hannah R. (verified owner)

    Fits amazingly, keeps him nice and warm, so soft! And just looks amazing

  178. veerle Vanoost (verified owner)

  179. Vera S. (verified owner)

  180. Karen D. (verified owner)

    1st birthday prezzie – very well received by the pooch! Lovely quality and good fit.

  181. Sadie (verified owner)

    Lovely jumper, my whippet lived in her grey one last year and it’s nice to have a change of colour for her. Worth every penny.

  182. Moira Carson (verified owner)

    Beautiful soft fluffy fleece-so snuggly!

  183. FRANCES (verified owner)

  184. Justina B. (verified owner)

    So cosy, this will keep my Whippet lovely and warm. Good quality too.

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