Black Triple Strap 2 Point Whippet Greyhound Harness

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  • Our Black Neoprene Harness is padded and soft for comfort.
  • It has 2 strong D-Rings to attach a lead on the front and back.
  • The additional waist strap gives more security and less risk of the dog slipping the harness.
  • With fully adjustable straps, you can get the perfect fit.
  • Suitable for Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Greyhounds, Lurchers, Salukis.


XSMALL: Chest strap: 35cm-40cm, Waist strap: 25cm-36cm, Neck Opening: 28cm, Under strap: 12cm, Strap width: 3cm.
SMALL: Chest strap: 40cm-46cm, Waist strap: 30cm-46cm, Neck Opening: 32cm, Under strap: 17cm, Strap width: 3cm.
MEDIUM: Chest strap: 50cm-60cm, Waist strap: 36cm-56cm, Neck Opening: 36cm, Under strap: 20cm, Strap width: 4cm.
LARGE: Chest strap: 55cm–64cm, Waist strap: 38cm-60cm, Neck Opening: 48cm, Under strap: 21cm, Strap width: 4cm.
XLARGE: Chest strap: 61cm-77cm, Waist strap: 40cm-64cm, Neck Opening: 50cm, Under strap: 27cm, Strap width: 4cm.

Product Features


Machine Washable

Soft Fabric

Worldwide Shipping

Chest 35cm - 40cm/ 14"-16" 40cm - 46cm/ 16"-18" 50cm - 60cm/ 20"-24" 55cm – 64cm/ 21.5"-25" 61cm -77cm/ 24"-30.5"
Neck 28cm/ 11" 32cm/ 12.5" 36cm/ 14" 48cm/ 19" 50cm/ 20"
Breed Italian Greyhound, Small Whippet Puppy Large Italian Greyhound, Small Whippet Whippet Large Whippets, Lurchers, Small Galgo, Saluki Greyhound, Large Lurcher, Saluki, Large Galgo

39 reviews for Black Triple Strap 2 Point Whippet Greyhound Harness

  1. Maria P. (verified owner)

  2. Mrs Astley (verified owner)

    Fits great. Easy to put on and very soft. Our whippet can’t back out of it!

  3. Diarmid L. (verified owner)

    Delivery was super-quick and, after a little fiddling about with the straps, the harness is a great fit on my Bedlington Whippet x Saluki. The materials are really good quality and the whole thing feels built to last. Thanks so much!

  4. Abigail Barlow (verified owner)

    Great fit and excellent quality

  5. Romana P. (verified owner)

  6. Beth Rourke (verified owner)

    Very well made, easily adjustable, very strong, and stylish too! Highly recommend. 🙂

  7. Kimberly Ward (verified owner)

    So thrilled to finally find a harness that fits my Whippet. It’s very secure with the additional waist strap. I don’t have to worry about him backing out of the harness. We initially ordered a large and it was a little too small in the chest and I had to return and order an extra large. My Whippet is on the larger size. He weighs 40 pounds.

  8. Fiona S. (verified owner)

    XL was just big enough to fit my 35kg greyhound. Very well made so I’m hopeful it will last a long time.

  9. Sandra M. (verified owner)

    I received it today which is very fast (I’m in the Netherlands) and I love it so much! It’s very well made and super soft. Now we have to wait 6 more weeks for our puppy to arrive.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it! My dog doesn’t even pull anymore. It’s like magic and in addition looks very nice.

  11. Jenna (verified owner)

    Excellent item and good price. Quick postage.

  12. Hannah W. (verified owner)

    Really pleased with it. Seems very secure and feel confident our whippet won’t wriggle out of it!

  13. Beth Rourke (verified owner)

    Excellent product, as always. Excellent service too. Had to return it (large size was too small), process was easy and quick, have received refund, will now purchase the extra large. (Need to finally admit that our dog is not a pure whippet! 18.5kg at 12 months and still growing.)

  14. Christina Thompson-Yates (verified owner)

    Amazing harness! Thank you so much

  15. Lauren H. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and really nice soft material!

  16. Mark K. (verified owner)

    Great product quickly dispatched

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great harness, we use it everyday. Fits perfect!

  18. Nichola (verified owner)

    Well made and looks very smart. Quick delivery and kept updated with ordering and dispatch.

  19. Sam L. (verified owner)

  20. Kim Tattersall (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for our whippet and as always great quality

  21. Jane (verified owner)

    Good quality harness and good service. I have bought numerous harnesses for my whippet which have not been suitable. This one fits brilliantly. Thank you.

  22. Elizabeth Brooks (verified owner)

    He was 1cm short of the max size of medium so as he could still grow we went for the large which fits but will be better once he’s reached his final size

  23. Jennifer Taylor (verified owner)

    Our Azawakh (African greyhound) is very nervous and has been known to slip her harness. This triple strap harness fits perfectly (XL) and is soft and comfy for her. She dips her head to put it on so I think she doesn’t mind it. It’s very easy to put on as it has clips on each strap, you only need to slip on the head loop first. It’s much easier than our last once which she destroyed and half the price.

  24. Helen Barratt (verified owner)

    Can not get out of it !! Which is a first

  25. Andrew H. (verified owner)

    The harness was really good quality and looked comfortbale but the fit was just not right for our dog.

  26. Diana (verified owner)

    Perfect!! Thank you for your EXCELLENT work.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My iggy has never been so safe on walks.

  28. Nicola B. (verified owner)

    Secure, well-fitting, seemingly escape-proof harness for our young whippet. Very pleased

  29. Graham Ball (verified owner)

    Absolutely marvellous product! We had a harness which just had the one chest strap and our little Houdini could wriggle his way backwards out of it, so leaving us with a harness and lead in our hand and no dog. This harness has the extra strap which fits across his waist and so he cannot wriggle his way out.

  30. Julia S. (verified owner)

    Well made and nicely padded. The adjustable straps make the harness fit like a glove. I feel confident that Olive can’t back out of this harness 🙂

  31. léa gibert (verified owner)

    Really great harness for my podenco. Top quality and safety

  32. Amy Griffin (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, my dog finds it comfortable and makes our walks so much easier

  33. Nick Ringrose (verified owner)

    Sizing is not as described, the Medium was too small at the loop, and the large was too big at the loop. As a result of this disappointingly I have spent £16.50 in postage alone. Not great for me I am afraid.

  34. Jane (verified owner)

    Excellent harness. Really well made and comfortable. I have had my whippet for nearly 5 years and bought quite a lot of harnesses, but never got one to fit like this one does. Well done!

  35. Emma

    Amazing harness. Looks luxurious and fits perfectly on my greyhound. I feel much more secure as my Sadie has slipped other harnesses before but I am very confident she will not slip this one. Thank you!

  36. Philip (verified owner)

    We have tried other harnesses for our Whippet but he manages to get out of them if he sees a squirrel or fox etc but this one is perfect as he can’t get out of it. Potentially is a life saver so I thoroughly recommend it to other whippet owners.

  37. Derek O Connor (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and nice and light the extra strap stops jessie slipping the harness.

  38. Ruth G. (verified owner)

    Such a great quality product! Also, I messed up originally and ordered the wrong size, but they processed the refund of the one that I ordered in error, and the shipment of the right size super quickly. I recommend this company all the time because each item is designed specifically with sighthounds in mind so they fit incredibly well.

  39. D Johnson (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product. The harness is very well made with quality materials, it’s very secure (he won’t be wriggling out of it when he gets excited as he’s done in a Y harness) and seems to be comfortable. The XL fits my dog almost perfectly, the only adjustment (should this product ever be amended) would be a slightly longer under strap. The harness being made of straps with little coverage also keeps him cool in the warm weather. There is very little space under the straps to allow for any of his outerwear in the Winter months but this is not the fault of the product and we have a larger harness that fits well over his warmer layers. If the measurements fit your dog, I highly recommend this harness.

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