Wild Dog Co. Natural Calm Balm


CALM BALM – 60ml/2oz

Made using a non-greasy balm with a blend of essential oils to relax, calm, soothe and comfort anxious, reactive, over-tired, fearful and fractious dogs.

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Made with:
-Lavender: the Queen of relaxation, sleep, and well-being
-Mandarin: gently uplifts and instills confidence and positivity
-West Indian Sandalwood: comforts and brings peace
-Gentle base of olive wax, passionflower oil, and poppy seed oil

Suggested Uses:
-Difficulty settling at night
-Separation anxiety
-Car Trips
-Moving house
-New people

How to Use:
Swipe your finger across the top of the balm and apply to your dog’s bedding or a comforting toy. The balm may stain certain fabrics so we recommend applying it to polyester fleece which washes out well, or a soft toy or piece of fabric specifically used for the Calm Balm.
If your dog likes a massage or doesn’t mind his paws being touched you can also massage a small amount of Calm Balm into your dog’s paws or ears as needed.


*Wild Dog Co is not liable for any result due to the misuse of products or failure to follow instructions provided.
Wild Dog Co products are not medicines and we recommend you seek the advice of a veterinarian if problems persist.
Information provided is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a veterinary professional.
If your pet is under the regular care of a vet or veterinary healthcare professional we recommend you check the suitability of our products with the vet or specialist.*

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