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NOSE BALM – 60ml/2oz

The Nose Balm is a soft, nourishing dog nose butter created to soothe crusty noses and moisturise and nourish dryness of the snout and nose area.
As our dogs have such sensitive noses our Nose Balm is unscented. We use the highest percentage of our herbal infusions and specially selected botanicals.

Made with:
-Calendula and marshmallow infused oils
-Blackcurrant seed oil, high in rare fatty acids to calm and soothe
-Seabuckthorn extract, known as liquid gold for it’s skin-conditioning properties
-Soothing protective barrier of olive wax, mango butter and rice bran oil

Use and Tips:
-Dry, crusty noses
-Dull colour on nose
-Peeling noses
-Skin folds and wrinkles around snout area
-Suitable for all breeds

How to Use:
The Nose Balm is a soft and creamy nose butter so that it can be dabbed on rather than rubbed in. We recommend using a favourite toy or treat to distract your dog as you apply the Nose Balm.
Like all the balms, the Nose Balm is safe to eat.
As dogs tend to lick their noses, especially around feed times, we recommend using the nose balm after your dog has eaten.
Apply to clean dry skin as often as needed. In the first instance apply morning and night and 1-2 extra times during the day.
Once the nose is conditioned you can apply the balm once a day to keep the nose area moisturised and protected.

*Wild Dog Co is not liable for any result due to the misuse of products or failure to follow instructions provided.
Wild Dog Co products are not medicines and we recommend you seek the advice of a veterinarian if problems persist.
Information provided is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a veterinary professional.
If your pet is under the regular care of a vet or veterinary healthcare professional we recommend you check the suitability of our products with the vet or specialist.*


6 reviews for Wild Dog Co. Natural Nose Balm

  1. Julie Mowbray (verified owner)

    Goes on smoothly

  2. Sharon Noble (verified owner)

    Nice size tin & well worth the price, just what I was looking for, to keep Our Whippet’s nose healthy.

  3. Lucy M. (verified owner)

    A great gift

  4. Thomas Mesher (verified owner)

  5. Judy Y. (verified owner)

    Really nice and my dog hates having anything wiped on her nose usually, but she seemed to tolerate this more.

  6. Natalie (verified owner)

    We have treated our dog’s nose with vaseline for the past 5 years as never found anything that worked. Found the Trendy Whippet site and lo and behold there was some nose balm. Thought it a bit pricey but we will try anything to ease her crusty nose, poor thing. It has worked a treat from the very first time and her nose looks almost normal now which has never happened before. Thank you Trendy Whippet.

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